The goal of this article is to explain what does and does not work with regards to streaming/gaming devices you may be thinking about purchasing for use on our campus.

-Essentially anything that has Apps and/or an app store will work on our campus network.

-Anything you try to stream to your device will most likely not work.

-Any device listed here is considered a gaming device and needs enrolled on our network by following the directions in this document.

Below is a short and incomplete list of all the devices out there and if they will work on our network.


Device NameDoes it work with the University network?
Amazon Echo/TapYes, follow setup procedures and sign in with your UFNET account
Amazon Fire TV or stickApps work, miracast/streaming = no
Apple TV any versionApps work, Airplay = maybe
ChromecastApps work, miracast/streaming = no
Nintendo 3ds any versionYes
Other devicesIf they have apps and connect to the network = yes, any streaming or casting functions = maybe
Playstation 3 (original)No, Fails to connect to network as of 2014
Playstation 3 (slim)Yes
Playstation 4Yes
Playstation PortableYes
PS VitaYes
Roku or Roku stickApps work, miracast/streaming = no
Smart PlugsMaybe, control apps will likely not work but voice control (Alexa/Google Home/Homekit) functions may work
Smart TVsYes, but device streaming functions may be limited
Wii UYes
Xbox OneYes, but Windows 10 game streaming does not work

If you have any questions or problems please contact Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357 , visit us at the Knowledge Bar in the Shafer Library or email us at