The goal of this article is to explain what does and does not work with regards to streaming/gaming devices you may be thinking about purchasing for use on our campus.

-Essentially anything that has Apps and/or an app store will work on our campus network.

-Anything you try to stream to your device will most likely not work.

-Any device listed here is considered a gaming device and needs enrolled on our network by following the directions in this document.

Below is a short and incomplete list of all the devices out there and if they will work on our network.


Device Name Does it work with the University network?
Amazon Echo/Tap Yes, email Amazon support to locate MAC address
Amazon Fire TV or stick Apps work, miracast/streaming = no
Apple TV any version Apps work, Airplay = maybe
Chromecast any version No, It has no built-in Apps
Kindle Yes
Nintendo 3ds any version Yes
Nook Yes
Other devices If they have apps and connect to the network = yes, any streaming or casting functions = maybe
Playstation 3 (original) No, Fails to connect to network as of 2014
Playstation 3 (slim) Yes
Playstation 4 Yes
Playstation Portable Yes
PS Vita Yes
Roku or Roku stick Apps work, miracast/streaming = no
Smart TVs Yes, but device streaming functions may be limited
Wii Yes
Wii U Yes
Xbox One Yes, but Windows 10 game streaming does not work

If you have any questions or problems please contact Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357 or visit us at the Knowledge Bar in the Shafer Library