Be aware that if you use email forwarding on your University email account, some messages sent to your forwarding address may appear as spam or suspicious by your alternate email service (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.). Sometimes these messages may be rejected by your alternate mail service. This is due to an increase in security measures email servers are implementing to reduce spam and phishing emails. Email forwarding is a technique commonly used during account takeover attacks. Also, if you setup Office 365 forwarding, you cannot respond to messages and have them appear to come from your University email address. For these reasons, email forwarding is not officially supported and we highly recommend disabling email forwarding and using your University email account directly. Please use the following instructions to disable email forwarding:

1. In, select Settings Settings in top-right > View all Outlook settings at bottom.

2. Select Mail > Forwarding.

3. To turn off forwarding, clear Enable forwarding and select Save.