To create a shortcut to OneDrive for easy access to your SharePoint Departmental Share, please follow these instructions.

When accessing your Departmental Share in your SharePoint site, click the "Add shortcut to OneDrive" option at the top.

You should then be able to quickly access this folder, both from OneDrive in O365 and on your desktop.

In O365, first click the 9 dot "app waffle"(A), then click OneDrive (B)


You can find your shortcut in My Files.  Note that the shortcut icon is different from the folder icon.

It may take some time for OneDrive on your desktop to sync the shortcut.

On your desktop, you can find the shortcut in your File Explorer

Navigate to your OneDrive folders and you will find the shortcut there.  Note that the icon for the shortcut looks different than the folder icon here.