UF Faculty and Staff:
There is a new Academic Integrity course for Faculty and Students for the upcoming academic year! There is now ONE course to serve both Faculty and Students. 
Below are the instructions for enrolling in the training course. 
How to Self-Enroll into the Academic Integrity Training Course
  1. Go to UF's Public Course Index. (See Help Guide: How do I view my institution's Public Course Index?)
  2. Locate the Academic Integrity course. Tip: search for "Academic Integrity" to filter out other courses from the list. 
  3. Click "Join this Course" and follow prompts to self-enroll.
  4. Once enrolled, the course can now be accessed from your dashboard.
Need Help? Watch this video to see these steps in action (no audio).
What if I've been sharing a specific URL?
If you have been using the URL that links directly to the training course's home page, please discontinue use of that URL and use the instructions above directing your students or faculty partners to the public course index. 
What's the reason for this change?
The original courses created for this initiative are becoming too large to manage. We will now be publishing a new course each semester, still utilizing self-enrollment through the Public Course Index. This process will keep the course enrollments down to a more manageable size and help us maintain better records for completion dates. Following a standard course creation schedule will also prepare us for improved enrollment workflows in the future. 
Will the "old" courses still be available?
Anyone currently enrolled in the faculty or student training courses will still have access through their dashboard. However, no new enrollments will be accepted into those original courses. New enrollments will now be funneled into the course that corresponds to the current semester. Users will continue to have access to the course in which they are enrolled through their dashboard.
If you have any questions regarding the Academic Integrity courses or enrollment, please contact Damon Osborne (dosborne@findlay.edu)  or Heather Riffle (riffle@findlay.edu
Please let me know if you have any additional questions!