What are SharePoint Groups?

SharePoint groups provide space and tools for collaboration and file sharing.

You can discover existing groups to join or create your own.

How do I create a SharePoint Group?

Groups can be created from several places, but to make sure all the tools are available for your group, we recommend that you create your group from the Outlook Web App (OWA or UF Email online).

When creating a SharePoint Group, a unique email address will be created for your group based on the name of your group, so the group name must not be the same as other groups already created.

What tools are available to my SharePoint Group?

SharePoint Groups are provided a shared email address, calendar, Planner, OneNote, file storage, and website.

The website is optional, but is easy to set up and can be used within your group to display news, upcoming events, important shared files, and more.  Alternately, you can make the site public so that people outside of your group can view the information there or interact with elements (like forms) that you allow access to.

Group shared file storage is done with SharePoint/OneDrive.  With OneDrive, you have virtually infinite storage capacity in addition to better security than Google Drive, compliance with FERPA standards, and backups on UF servers.  You can easily set or change file sharing permissions and use version history to access previous versions of a file if something goes wrong.

You can make communication with your group even easier by connecting the group to Microsoft Teams.

How do I connect my group to Teams?

After you’ve created your group in OWA or your UF Email online, you can visit your group’s SharePoint website and find a link to connect it to Teams in the bottom left.

For more detailed instructions or assistance with this process, please contact ATS by calling us at 419-434-4357 and choose option 2 or email helpdesk@findlay.edu.