You can create a link to your bookings page in your Outlook signature. Bookings can be used to create a quick meeting with anyone that has the link. The first step in creating the link is to make a bookings page. This can be reached by logging into Bookings online located here you may be required to log into your account. Click on go to my bookings page.

On your Booking page, you will need to click the + to create a meeting for people to schedule.

Create a name for the meeting and times you are available and then click save.


After you have created the meeting head back to and click on settings it is in the top right with the cog icon to find the Mail option. Once you are inside of Mail click on compose and reply. Here you will find the option to add a link to bookings in a signature. 

* You may need to open Outlook in a new browser window to enable to checkmark. 

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services