Exporting emails (drag and drop) via Outlook for Windows

1. Open Outlook, and add your accounts.

2. Navigate to your UF inbox and drag each email to the inbox or other folder in your new email account.

NOTE: The only works one by one and does not allow you to mass move the emails but is the easiest way to move important emails.

Exporting full email via Outlook for Windows

1. Open Outlook, on the top left select “File”

2. Select Open & Export on the left

3. Choose Import/Export

4. Choose Export to a File

5. Choose .pst

6. Highlight what you want. If you want your entire email, select your email from the top

7. Change the destination if you desire, otherwise press next twice to begin exporting.

Import a .PST into Gmail

1. Go to https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gsmmo and download the .exe file.

2. After installation, you should see this screen. Enter your personal gmail account and press continue

3. You should be redirected to a website to login to gmail



4. After logging in, the migration tool with ask for permissions to make changes to your gmail account.

5. After you allow permissions, the application should pop back up with this screen


6. Choose the drop down “From PST File(s)..” and navigate to your .pst


7. Press next after choosing your pst and now you select what you want to export. I recommend not importing contacts, since that will add every @findlay.edu email that is the address book

8. Press migrate. The speed will depend on both your Internet speed as well as the size of your .pst, so it may take a long time.

Exporting Emails Mail App for Mac


1. Add your findlay account and your new account to the mac mail app:
Apple menu > System Settings > Internet Accounts > Add Account... > Microsoft Exchange (for the findlay account)
2. Add your other account:
Apple menu > System Settings > Internet Accounts > Add Account... > Pick the option that describes the email account you want to add
3. Once both are added, open the Mail app
4. Drag and drop emails from the Findlay account to your new account.