To change the font and icon size on a Macintosh computer, please follow these instructions.

We will use the folder that comes up when choosing Computer here as an example, but this can be set in any folder individually or changed to be the default for all folders.

1.  On your desktop, click Go, then Computer

2.  You can change the view type here:

3.  Click the 3 dots in a circle, then Show View Options

4.  You can choose to always open the folder in the currently selected view.  Here, the folder is in list view.

5.  Here, you can change the icon and font size displayed in the Finder view

6.  And you can set these choices as the default for all folders

7. You can also set the icon size for the side bar by clicking the Apple icon in the top left corner and then System Preferences

8.  Then, click on General

9.  You can change the sidebar icon size here: