Who Can Use a Webinar

UF Zoom licensed Fac/Staff/Dept Employees  

Do I need a Webinar?

Managing a License


Requesting a License

  • To request a license, please fill out the following form: Webinar Request Form  
  • Timing – 2 weeks before to 3 days after webinar date 
  • Purchasing a Webinar License – please submit a ticket to helpdesk@findlay.edu to start the process and someone from ITS will help facilitate the purchase. 

Tips for a Smooth Webinar 

  • Dry Run! Test every audio/visual item, make sure everyone attends the test run 
  • Make sure you have a stable network connection and a network issue backup plan 
  • Set alternate or co-host, and panelists      
  • Have host/co-host/panelists join 30 minutes before Webinar begins.  Practice, Practice, Practice! 

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services