1. Sign into OneDrive

    -For Windows you will have OneDrive installed by default. Go to the start menu and search for             "OneDrive" and sign in.

    -For Mac you will need to download OneDrive if you do not already have it, you can download             OneDrive from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/onedrive/download and then sign in.

2. Go to   https://app.mover.io/transfer

3. Sign into your Microsoft account using your UFnet Credentials (do2434@findlay.edu or oilerd@findlay.edu), not your email address derrick.oiler@findlay.edu.


4. Choose Select Source and authorize your Google Drive (Single User)


    -Sign into your Google Drive (Single User)


5. Choose authorize destination connector and choose OneDrive for Business (Single User)


    -Sign into your OneDrive for Business (Single User)


6. Choose Start Copy


     -Once the transfer starts it should take you to a transfer page showing you the transfer details


7. When the transfer is done you can check the log to see if there were any problems or files that did not transfer by remaining on the transfer details page or going to Migration Manager at the top.

8.  Then click the i in a circle next to the transfer to bring up information.

9.  In the information pane on the right, you can find the Transfer Logs at the bottom.  Click the Log button.


NOTE: If you have any files that were shared you will need to reshare them. 

Google Forms will not transfer. Please contact the help desk at 419-434-4357 if you have any. 

Files on your hard drive will not be transferred using Mover. You will need to do those manually.