Google Chrome

1. Select the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the browser.

2. Select the settings button from the bottom of the menu.

3. Click on the Privacy and Security settings at the Left side of the screen.  

4. Right below Privacy and security, you will see a button that says Clear Browser data.

 5. Please select that and choose the following options as listed below. 

Mozilla Firefox

1. You will select the three horizontal lines located in the top right hand side of the browser.

2. You will select the preferences from the menu.

3. From the options on the left you will want to select Privacy and Security.

 4. Scroll down until you see cookies and site data, and select clear data.

5. Make sure both are selected and click clear.


1. Click on Safari and navigate to clear history.

2. Select all history from the drop down menu and click clear history.