We want to ensure faculty and staff across all schools/education systems are 100% comfortable hosting safe and secure Zoom meetings. Zoom has plenty of tools in place to ensure the privacy of any session and also provides the ability to eliminate unwanted guests. I have attached some resources that outline different features to empower hosts to secure their sessions.

My recommendation would be to utilize Waiting Rooms for Guest Participants only. This feature can be locked from the account or group level:


This option will force all users who are not on the same Zoom account to be entered into the waiting room. The user will need to authenticate via their Zoom account to gain access and bypass the Waiting Room. However, the host can then manually admit participants if they would like to do so as well.

Additionally, we are recommending that if a bad actor joins the session after being admitted, the Zoom host/co-host can place that user on-hold or remove them completely. From that point, the host/co-host can lock the meeting so new users are able to join.

Lastly, we recommend utilizing authentication profiles for the meeting. This will require users to sign into a Zoom account in order to join a meeting. Enabling the setting will curb any unwanted guests from attempting to join as they will need a valid Zoom account to get in the meeting. Please learn more about this setting here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360037117472-Authentication-Profiles-for-Meetings-and-Webinars

Here is a recording going over how to protect Zoom Meetings: