Do you have browser extensions that you don't want? Need to speed up your computer? Follow these steps to delete your unwanted browser extensions:

Google Chrome:

1. Open chrome, go to the top right corner of the screen, and select more tools

2. Select extensions

3. Scroll through your list of installed extensions and click the trash can icon beside any extensions that you no longer want.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on menu in the top right hand corner and click the add-ons.

2. To delete an extension, right click an extension and select delete

3. If you see a restart now button, you may need to restart your computer for the changes to occur.

Internet Explorer:

1. Open the gear icon and select manage icons

2. Select "Toolbars and Extensions" 

3. Under "Add-on types," select "Toolbars and Extensions."

4. Click the "Show" box and ensure that it is set to all add-ons

5. Select the extension and click disable in the bottom right corner. 

6. To completely uninstall an extension, open the control panel 

7. Choose uninstall a program and select the extension you'd like to delete


1. Open the Safari menu and click preferences

2. Select extensions at the top of the preferences page

3. Select an extension and click the uninstall button or uncheck the enable button to disable it.