These instructions will help you with setting up our logitech webcams as well as using Zoom to video chat with others

  1. Plug in your loaned out webcam.
  2. Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...) and type in the second URL on the card within the webcam pouch. 
  3. This should create a popup that you need to allow by clicking "Open Zoom Meetings".  If no popup appears than you need to install Zoom through the link on the page

      4. Once Zoom is running you should see a window come up asking you how you want to join the audio conference.  This is where we want to ensure your webcam is being used.  Click on "Test Computer Mic & Speakers"

     5. Ensure that the settings are like that below;

     6. Close out of the box, click "Join Audio Conference by Computer" and the meeting will start with all the proper settings