All internet connected devices such as computers (Windows, Mac & Linux), Mobile Devices (Android, iOS, or Windows mobile smartphones and tablets), Gaming Consoles (Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii-U, etc.) and other devices (SmartTVs, Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast) need to be registered before being used on campus. You may connect your computer to the University of Findlay's network by using wireless (wifi) or a wired port. 

How to setup a computer on the campus network:
1. Connect to the 'ufindlay' wireless network or plug your cable into the network port.
2. Open a web browser and visit a website (for example,
3. The Oiler Network Registration Portal will display instead of the requested website. Click the checkbox to accept the terms of use and login with your UFnet account.

4. Your webpage will appear (for example,

5. Turn your wireless off and on or disconnect and reconnect your network cable to complete the connection process.

Other helpful links / solutions:

Install OilerPrint

Download and Install Office 

Connect gaming device to the network

If at anytime during this process you have any questions, please contact Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357, or at Zoom.