When delivering a quiz using New Quizzes, images will not display correctly while using the Respondus LockDown Browser for students.  They may see the image file name, a broken image icon, or both.

Example of both:

To prevent this, please store any images you are using for questions in the "Files" area of your Canvas account first.

To do this, click Account on the far left navigation bar, then Files.


We suggest adding a folder or folders to organize your images.

Images can be found in your courses here and can be selected (1) .  To select multiple consecutive files, select the top file, hold Shift and click the bottom file in the list that you want to select.  Non-consecutive files can be selected by holding 'CTRL + clicking' each file.  With your files selected, click the Move button (2).

In the box that pops up, select the folder you'd like to move your images to under 'My Files' and click 'Copy to Folder'.

Once these files are copied, you will need to remove the images from your current quiz questions and re-embed them using the User Images option.

Make sure you choose the images from the 'User Files' drop down menu that opens up to the right pane of your screen.  You may want to rename files to make them easier to identify or search for before using this tool.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services
419-434-4357 option 2