Sandbox courses are available for faculty who request them.  Faculty that would like Sandbox courses available to them, please send a request to and two will be created for you (limit 2).

Sandbox courses can be used to test updated tools, and concepts for your course, or design content for live courses.  These sandbox courses can also be used as 'revolving doors' that allow you to continue to build courses for the future without having to wait for your future courses to be available.  

Utilizing the 'Export Content' feature found in the settings of a course will allow you to export an entire course and save it in OneDrive.  After saving a course export, selecting 'Reset Course Content' from the settings page of your course will erase the contents of the course to allow for the building of new content.  These combined features will help with not needing to have more than 2 sandbox courses at a time.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services