Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You will need both your computer and phone for this setup.

1. On your computer, begin by logging in to your UF email account:

2. In the top right click on your account picture.


3. Click on the "View account" link.

4. Under the "Security Info" card click on "Update info".

5. To add a new device click on "Add sign-in method". 

   6. Click the drop-down box where it says “Choose a method”. Choose “Authenticator App”, then “Add”

7. On your phone, download the Microsoft Authenticator app from your app store. You can click the “Download Now” link on your computer to view the QR codes for Android and Apple to instantly get to the app in your phone’s app store, or search for it in your phone’s app store. To scan the QR code to get to the app in your app store, use the camera app on your phone. Please make sure you’re downloading and using “Microsoft Authenticator” and the icon looks like the one below:

8. On your phone, open the Microsoft Authenticator app.

9. In the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone, tap the “Add Acount” button if it is there, or tap + to add an account, then tap "Work or school account" then "Scan a QR code".

10. Approve the app to use your camera if prompted.

11. Scan the QR code displayed on your computer using your phone camera from within the Microsoft Authenticator app.   Do not use your phone’s camera app.

12. Select “Next” on the Scan the QR code page on your computer. A notification may be sent to the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device, to test your account.

13. On your phone, approve the notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app, and then select “Next”. Your security info may be updated to use the Microsoft Authenticator app by default to verify your identity when using two-step verification or password reset.

14. This should complete the setup and you can now use the Microsoft Authenticator app as your multi-factor authentication method.

Your authentication from Microsoft Authenticator should pop up on your phone as a notification that you will need to enter the 2-digit number provided at login and approve.

You should not need to open the Microsoft Authenticator app to do this.  If the app is having you open or unlock the app for authentication, you may turn app lock off with the following instructions:

Turn App Lock off

In the Microsoft Authenticator app on your device, tap the menu button in the top left (iPhone) or top right (Android)



Tap settings.

Scroll down and locate 'App Lock' and turn it off (if it is already off turn it on and back off or it will turn on in the future).

NOTE: By turning this off you will be able to utilize other smart devices to approve your login.  If you leave it on you will be required to put in your phone lock code every time you need to approve the login.