Respondus LockDown Browser includes a basic spreadsheet tool that enables .xls or .xlsx spreadsheets to be viewed and manipulated during an exam session. This functionality is available for Windows, Mac, and iPad editions of Respondus LockDown Browser but will ONLY work while using Classic Quizzes at this time.

Note:  The .csv file type is not supported. Please convert this file type to .xls/.xlsx before attempting to use it with Respondus LockDown Browser.

  1. Locate an exam in your course and edit the exam.
  2. Next locate a question in which to use for the Excel portion of your test and Edit the question.
  3. In the Text Editor, select Insert File.
  4. Select Browser My Computer.
  5. Select one Excel file, and click Open.
  6. When the Excel file is attached, select Submit.
  7. On the “Add Content Link” page, select Submit.
  8. The Excel file is in the Exam question. Select Submit.
  9. When a student clicks this Excel file link during the exam, this image shows the spreadsheet that is used for this exam question.

When a student selects the link within LockDown Browser, a spreadsheet tool will open.  The spreadsheet can be pre-populated with content, or it can be a blank spreadsheet created in another spreadsheet app,  which students use to prepare their answers.

The question wording itself should provide guidance on the steps a student should follow. As shown above, students are instructed to 1) select the link that opens a pre-populated spreadsheet, 2) create the required formula or calculation, 3) select the button “Click here to save your work”, and 4) paste the resulting URL into the answer field for the essay question.

After the spreadsheet file has been saved, a dialog will remind students to copy the resulting URL to the answer field using CTRL + V.


Following the exam, the instructor will see a unique URL within the LMS for each student who provided an answer to the essay question. Upon selecting the URL with a standard browser (not LockDown Browser), the spreadsheet tool will open and the student’s work will be shown for that question.