Before Spring 2022, you may turn on the New Quiz tool in any course that you are an instructor of.  Please follow these steps to enable this Feature Preview:

  1. Navigate to a Canvas Course.
  2. Select Settings from the Course menu.
  3. Select the Feature Preview tab on this page.
  4. Locate the New Quizzes row and click the red X and select Enable.

This feature is now turned on for this course.  If you would like to use this tool in every course, you must follow the same steps in each course.  In Spring 2022, this feature will be turned on for the entire server and you will no longer have to perform these steps to use this tool.

Once enabled, when creating a new quiz you will be presented with the following selection:

Select the appropriate option and click Submit.  If you choose to select "Remember my choice...", this will set the default quiz tool moving forward.  If you need to change it or reset the options back to have this window appear, click the 3 dot menu in the upper right of the window and select "Reset quiz engine choice":

Please review the New Quiz Tool Timeline for updates

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services