The Student Assignment Enhancements is an update to the Classic Assignment Details page that improves the assignment interface and submission workflow for students.  For now, this feature is currently ON but can be disabled from the settings-->Feature Options in your course.  

The following features will work but will automatically launch in the previous assignment submission version:  Group Assignments, Peer Reviews, and Cloud Assignments.

Important Updates Below Article

View Assignment Details Using Assignment Enhancements

The Assignment Enhancements page displays assignment information. 

The Assignment Summary header [1] displays the assignment title, due date, and points possible. Not all assignments may have a due date.

The Attempt drop-down [2] allows you to view submission attempts for the assignment. By default, the Attempt drop-down displays your most recent submission attempt.

The Progress Tracker [3] displays the assignment submission and grading status.

To view assignment feedback or add an assignment comment for your instructor, click the View Feedback button [4].

View the number of allowed attempts [5] and availability dates [6].

Any added assignment instructions display in the Details section [7].

If a rubric was added to the assignment, view it by clicking the View Rubric link [8].

Graded Assignment Using Assignment Enhancements

What is Assignment Enhancons? - Canvas's Guide


  • When submitting an assignment using the Enhanced Assignment feature on, please take note that there is no longer a comment box on the submission step for students.  Any comments need to be made with the submission can be submitted by using the View Feedback button [4] before or after the attempt has been submitted.  The comments made by both the student and instructor are tied to that submission attempt only.  If there are multiple attempts on one assignment by a student, both the instructor and student will have to view each attempt to review or make any comments for each attempted submission.  If the instructor is using the Canvas Teacher app on a mobile device, you may see all comments in the speed grader area no matter what attempt is selected.

  • Submitting a video from Studio does not work unless you use the Text Entry option on the assignment.  For students, to submit this Studio video, select the Text enter option of the assignment, click plug/app icon then Studio from the list to locate your stored video.