If you have used Proctorio on quizzes in another class and you would like to copy this quiz to your current class, please follow these steps below:

Copy a Quiz

  1. Navigate to the Settings in your course that you want the test to reside in.
  2. Select 'Import Course Content'.
  3. Choose 'Copy a Canvas Course' from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose your class from the next drop-down list that has the test to be copied.
  5. Select the 'Specific Content' radial button.
  6. Click the 'Import' button.
  7. Once a new job row appears at the bottom of this page, click the 'Select Content' button.
  8. A pop-up box will appear, click the arrow next to Quizzes.
  9. Select the quiz or quizzes you would like to copy.
  10. Click the Select Content button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

This will start your copy of the quiz to the new course.  

As a result of using Proctorio in the past with this quiz, this quiz will be copied with Procotrio code within it.  If you are using the same version of Proctorio in your current course, you will not need to do anything for the quiz to work.  You now can edit it's settings accordingly for this quiz.

However, If you are using a different Proctorio license from the other class, you must first enable the same version of Proctorio in your current course that was used in the past. This needs to be done in order to edit your quiz in the current course without any issues.

Disable/Enable Proctorio

  1. Navigate to Settings in your course.
  2. Select the Navigation tab.
  3. Enable the version of 'Secure Exam Proctor' that was used in the previous course.
  4. Please remember you can only ONE version of this LTI enabled at a time.
  5. Click Save at the bottom of this screen.

Once you have enabled the same version of Proctorio that was used in the previous course, you will need to now navigate to your quiz, select Edit, and disable Proctorio by deselecting the checkmark that reads 'Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor' and clicking Save at the bottom of the page.  Once Proctorio has been disabled, you now can enable the version of Proctorio that you want to use.

Please review our article called Proctorio - Choosing Between LTI's for help identifying the version of  Proctorio you need to use.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services