The University of Findlay is currently using 2 Proctorio installations within Canvas, the Student Pay model, and the Enterprise model.  The Enterprise model is not campus-wide available but only for those prearranged with your Chair/Dean and ATS.  These tool integrations are named specifically this way in order for the tool to work properly.

The Student Pay model is as labeled as 'Secure Exam Proctor (Proctorio)' and is as follows:

  • $10 per test
  • $20 per course (as many tests were taken in one course)
  • $100 Lifetime (as many tests taken across all courses)

The Lifetime offer is ONLY available for the first test taken using Proctorio.  The Lifetime license can be reached by those choosing to pay $10/$20 after reaching $110/120.

The Enterprise model has been added for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing classes to be delivered online and will run until July 31st, 2022.  This model is labeled as 'Secure Exam Proctor Proctorio'.  Students that use this license in a course will not be prompted to pay in order to complete a proctored exam in Canvas.

To enable Proctorio, navigate to Settings in your course menu and select the Navigation tab.  In this list, make sure to enable the version of Proctorio you need to use and select Save at the bottom of the screen when your changes have been made.

Only ONE tool may be enabled in a course at a time.  Please double-check that you have the correct license enabled within your course for your situation.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services