Effective Monday, March 16th, traditional classroom courses will be delivered remotely.  This will continue at least until Tuesday, April 14th.  The facilitate this and allow faculty time to prepare their course material, all academic classes are canceled on Friday, Marth 13th. 

The following information will help with transitioning your course into an online format:


    UF Canvas Support

        UF Canvas Support (Zoom) (8 am-5 pm M-F)

        Phone: 419-434-4357 option 2

    Getting Started

        Zoom Training (Recorded 02-26-2020)  **This training video shows Blackboard on the list of items to be discussed.  However, this was a mistake on the slide itself. Zoom is currently enabled in all courses in Canvas and it's ready to be used to create meetings for your classes.**  

                    Zoom - Create a Meeting in Canvas Course

        Zoom Help Videos

One Button Studio

    Scheduling the One Button Studio or Light Board Rooms

    Tour of the One Button Studios

    Green Screen and Camtasia Video Editing


    Canvas Overview for Instructors

    Starting the Semester with Canvas (Publishing Course)

    Using YouTube to Store/Access Course Videos

    Using the Rich Content Editor (RCE)

    Hide Unused Course Navigation

    Teaching Online with the Tools at UF (recorded by Dr. Elkie Burnside)

    How to Apply a Template To Your Course


Communication With Students

    Adding Announcements

    Using Your Inbox (Conversations)

    Chat Tool



    Syllabus Overview

    Editing Syllabus


    Overview of Assignments

    Creating Quizzes

    Using New Quizzes

How to Grade

    Using Gradebook

    Using SpeedGrader

Posting Class Material

    Creating Modules

    Creating Pages (to insert into modules)

    Adding Files

    Recording Lectures/Videos - Studio

    View Course as a Student

    Content Accessibility - Ally

Discussion Boards

    Discussion Overview

Mobile Apps

    Utilize mobile apps for quick access to courses when away from a computer.  These apps are available in the mobile Google Play and iOS App stores.

        Canvas Teacher

        Canvas Student

Additional Resources

Need additional help? Email helpdesk@findlay.edu with the Subject line: Online Resources and you will be connected with a colleague who can help with your course!

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services