If you would like to copy a previous or developed course in Canvas to your current course, please follow these steps:

  1.   Navigate to your course that you wish copy data into.
  2.   Click Settings in the Course Navigation menu.
  3. On the right pane, click 'Import Course Content'.
  4. From the Content Type drop-down, select Copy as Canvas Course.
  5. Make sure to select the checkbox 'Include completed courses' below the Search for a course dropdown.
  6. When clicking this drop-down, all courses will be separated in their terms.
  7. Select the course you wish to copy to your current course.
  8. Click the 'All Content' radial button in the Content section if you wish to copy all the data to your course.
  9. If you wish to only select specific content, select the 'Select specific content' radial button.
  10. Under Option, you may adjust your events and due dates by shifting the beginning date accordingly. Please note that you should double-check all of your due dates if you using this method or not.
  11. Click the Import button to start the import process.

Once the import button is clicked, a process will appear below with a progress bar as the data imports into the course.  If you have chosen to select specific content in your course, the current job will show Waiting for select, which means you must select the data you wish to import at that time.  You do not have to wait for this process to finish as this is taking place on the Canvas server and not your computer.  After the process is complete, you may navigate back to your Home link in the course navigation menu to see the data that has been imported.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services