To create a group in your course, click People in your course menu and select the +Group Set button in the upper right of your screen.  

This will create a new group set to create your groups in.  You may have multiple group sets in your course if you have projects that require students to be in several different groups in the same class.  Click on the group set tab that has been created then select the +Group button to create your groups and giving them names.

By selection the 3-dot menu, you will be given options to allow for self assigning groups, limiting group sizes or changing the name of the Group Set.

Using student groups within a course can be a powerful tool for your course. However, the name of the group could cause confusion and difficulty for students to locate their group(s). When anyone is added to a group, a Groups icon will appear on the global navigation bar of the left. If students are in multiple groups across several courses, it will be difficult for them to identify what course each group is designated for if each group is named Group 1 or Team 1. The image below is an example of what a student could see if he/she clicks on "Groups" in the global navigation menu and all the group names are the same:

It's highly recommended to create unique group names to help students locate their groups efficiently. Here is an example of an easily identifiable group name: COMM110_01 – Team 1. 

Be creative, but try to associate the group name to your class.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services