YouTube is an excellent site to store and stream your videos to your courses. Keeping your videos in YouTube will help keep the storage size of your course low, giving you room to build more content for your students. Another benefit of storing your videos in  YouTube is that you may embed your videos directly in your courses for your students to view. They no longer have to navigate away from the course to watch a video.

To begin uploading your videos to YouTube, log into YouTube with your UFNet account. After which, in the upper right hand corner next to your profile icon, select the camera icon and select  'Upload video':

You may drag and drop the videos that you would like to upload or you may browse by selecting the arrow icon

Marking these videos as Unlisted is a good practice so your videos are not found by the public. Only those that have the link may view it, or if you embed the video in your course.

Once the video is uploaded, it may take some time for YouTube to encode the video. While the video uploads, you may edit the information about the video on this page. On the left you will find the URL for your video that you may use to link in your Courses. Copy this link for embedding videos from YouTube into your course, then follow these steps:

  • Create or edit a page in your module section.
  • Click on the page and select Edit in the upper right corner.
  • Place your typing cursor where you want the video to be embedded, and then click the Insert/Edit Media button on the tool bar. 
  • Paste the share URL that was copied from uploading your video to YouTube.
  • The Dimensions will auto-populate, but you may adjust these values to increase/decrease the size of the embedded video.
  • Click OK to add the video to your page.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services