Some faculty members choose to combine multiple sections of a course into a single Blackboard course. Below are the steps you should use to combine session data from TurningPoint to work with your combined course in Blackboard.

  1. In TurningPoint, click the Manage tab.

  2. Select and drag the multiple session files (one from each class section) into the box where Auto and Anonymous display

  3. Click the Session dropdown menu, and choose Merge.

  4. In the window that appears, check the Section check boxes, and select Merge by Questions and Participants and click the Merge button.

  5. You will be asked to save this as a new session file. Once you choose your location, click the Save button.

  6. When asked to add the merged session to the course, click Add to Participant List.

  7. You can now delete the old, un-merged sessions from TurningPoint.

You will now be able to work with the merged session data in Results Manager and upload the data to Blackboard in a single Grade Center Column.