1. Click to download and install this driver:
  2. To add a Canon printer to the MAC:
  3. Click the Apple icon in the top left of the screen
  4. Click on System Preferences
  5. Click Printers & Scanners 
  6. Click the '+' in the lower left hand corner
  7. Find the printer you want to print to in the list
  8. Click on the Pull-down menu to the right of the word "Use:" and click Select Software
  9. There are four models of Canon Printers so pick the correct driver.
    Use the search box in the upper right to type in the model number only (3530, 5535, 5540 or 6555)
    Type in the correct model that matches the printer, click the drive that shows up in the list and click the ok button
  10. Click the Add button to add the printer to the computer
  11. Once all printers are installed use the instructions below to setup the stapler and default the printer to black and white instead of color.
  12. After the printer is installed, run this command in the Terminal app found inside /Applications/Utilities 'cupsctl webinterface=yes'. You will not get receive any notification that it worked.
  13. Click this link http://localhost:631/printers
  14. Select the printer that was installed.  Click on the Administration drop down and select ‘Set Default Options’. 
  15. Set the following options (These options vary by printer model but are required for multi-drawer or stapler functionality):
    Paper Source Options: Cassette Feeding Unit
    Output Options = Stapler
    Select General, scroll down to Color Mode = Black and White
    Scroll to the bottom of the window and click ‘Set Default Options’.
  16. Log in with the administrator account.
    The default settings are now set.