​How do I get a phone at UF?


On-campus student rooms are equipped with one telephone line apiece, enabling students to call on or off campus.  Phones are not provided by The University of Findlay students are required to bring their own (must be touch tone/push button).


Please note: There is only one phone per room. 


Students must obtain an access code from the Business Office to make local and long-distance calls. Telephone calling cards may be used as long as a toll-free number appears on the back of the card. Please note, however, that using a calling card may cost more than if you use direct dial.  If a telephone calling card is used, all charges must be charged to the card. 


Local calls off-campus are $.15 per call to help pay costs for maintenance of equipment and services, and long distance rates are $.15 per minute within the continental U.S.  Other long distance calls vary depending upon time and location being called.  Further questions about UF's student phone systems can be answered by the ITS System Administrator at 419-434-4848. Students receive a detailed bill listing calls and charges. These bills are mailed to residence hall rooms every 25-30 days.  Bills are due and payable to the Business Office within five days. 


Long distance calls also may be placed on pay telephones which are located in residence hall lobbies and in the student union.


How do I access voice mail (CallPilot)?


CallPilot is like an answering machine.  Each phone will be connected to this system.  There will be only one phone per room.  This will only work on pushbutton phones.  If you do not wish to have CallPilot, please call Information Technology Services at ext. 4848.  If you have a roommate or roommates, turning CallPilot off has to be agreed upon by everyone.


Your initial password will be 0 plus your four digit extension number.  When you login to CallPilot for the first time, you will receive a message that a temporary password assigned by your administrator must be changed.  To access your mailbox, please press 84 and change your password.  The directions on how to change the password can be found at the bottom of this page.


Logging On


  1. Dial the CallPilot number 4888.
  2. You will now hear a voice stating “CallPilot from Nortel Networks,         Mailbox?”
  3. You will now enter your extension number and press the #.
  4. You will now hear a voice asking for your password. (Please put in the      password you just created.  IF THERE ARE ROOMMATES, YOU MUST AGREE ON A PASSWORD WHEN YOU CHANGE THE PASSWORD!!  DO NOT TELL OTHERS YOUR PASSWORD!!)
  5. Enter your password followed by #.

You are now signed on to the CallPilot.


Changing Your Internal/External Greeting


You may change both your internal (on campus calls) and external (off campus calls) greetings. These may be changed as often as you would like.


  1. First login to CallPilot.
  2. Press 82.  You will hear “For your external greeting press 1. For your      internal greeting press 2.”
  3. Press the appropriate number for the greeting you wish to set. You will hear “(External/Internal) greeting. To review the greeting, if it exists, press 2.  To re-record it, press 5.  To exit press 4, returns to your messages.  If greeting does not exist or has been deleted, press 5.  Wait for the tone, then enter your message.  When you are finished press “#”. You will hear “Recording Stopped.”
  4. You can repeat the process for your other greeting.

Message Notification


CallPilot notifies you of a new message when you hear an interrupted dial tone when you pick up the receiver. To hear new messages, login to CallPilot; the CallPilot number is 4888.


Below is a guide to help you with the use of CallPilot:


​TO... ​Press... ​You Hear...
play the message just described 2
​"Start of message. (Message)"
go to the next message ​6 "(Description of next message.)" 
go to the previous message ​4 "(Description of previous message.)"
pause during playback ​# "Playback stopped."
when you want to continue ​2 "Message playback resumes."
delete the message ​76 "Message (number) deleted.  (Description of next message.)"
restore the deleted message (within the currect session only.  GO TO THE DELETED MESSAGE FIRST.) ​76 "Message (number) restored.  (Description of next message.)" 




Changing Your Password


You can change your password as many times as you like, provided you don’t repeat your most recent ones, since CallPilot keeps track of up to nine of your previous passwords.


  1. Login to CallPilot, if you are not already there.
  2. Press 84. You will hear “Password change. To authorize the change, please enter your current password, followed by number sign (#).”
  3. Please enter your new password, followed by #. You will now hear “Please enter your new password again, followed by number sign.” Your password must be six to sixteen digits in length. Your password has been changed.”
  4. You can now start another activity, or hang up. 

If at anytime during this process that you have any issues, please let us know. We may be contacted at 419-434-4357 or helpdesk@findlay.edu