Class Climate files are generated every session (multiple times throughout) in order to do an evaluation of each course and faculty by students for all the six colleges.


There are 8 files that are run if/as necessary every session. They are COBM, COED, COHP, COSC, COLA, CPHM, DEGC, and crsEmails. The college files COBM, COED, COHP, COSC and CPHM generate the information of each course, section, location, faculty name and email address of the faculty from the respective college. The DEGC file is new (Sep 2012) and generates the same information as the college files, but only for degree completion classes. The college files weren't reporting the information for degree completion classes since these classes have crs_rec.dept="DEGC". The crsEmails file generates the information of course number, section and email address of every student in a course.

Each time, Leroy Morgan in the Registrar's Office specifies the classes for which he needs the information.


The 8 files are run as applicable upon request from the Registrar's Office. The output data files are pipe-delimited files which are then saved as .csv files. These files are emailed to the registrar's office. The registrar's office uploads them to Scantron in order to do course evaluations.


The files location is:
UF/reports/regist/COBM, UF/reports/regist/COED, UF/reports/regist/COHP, UF/reports/regist/COLA, UF/reports/regist/COSC, UF/reports/regist/CPHM, UF/reports/regist/DEGC, UF/reports/regist/crsEmails.