To access your MFA information, Click on the following link:


Click Activate Mobile app on the left pane.

Click the "Generate Activation Code button".

On your phone, install Microsoft Authenticator, open Authenticator, tap Add Account, tap allows camera access.

To activate the mobile app, scan the QR code that was provided on screen: 

After your phone refreshes click complete activation on your computer screen.

Ensure the screen has the name of your phone listed as a device.

In the Authenticator app on your device, tap the menu button in the top left (iPhone) or top right (Android)



Tap settings.

Scroll down and locate 'App Lock' and turn it off (if it is already off turn it on and back off or it will turn on in the future).
NOTE: By turning this off you will be able to utilize other smart devices to approve your login.  If you leave it on you will be required to put in your phone lock code every time you need to approve the login.

To test the Microsoft Authenticator app, please log in to your O365 Email and test the process.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services