Lenovo RMA

Support Phone Number:    800-426-7378

Website - https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/contactus?linkTrack=footer%3ASupport_Contact%20Us

  1. Enter Serial number to find computer

  1. Select submit a service request

  1. It will bring you to a new page and select view eService ticketing online.

And it will bring you to the following website where you were enter the required information to submit a ticket.


  1. Make sure to use # 1213436527 to make sure it gets associated with the correct account.


Dell RMA

  1. Sign into the dell support website - https://techdirect.dell.com/Portal/SelfDispatch.aspx
  2. Select Create Dispatch

  1. Where you will enter he Service tag number of the computer
  2. Check warranty status and hit next

  1. Fill out required information