This OS has added many security features to keep the computer safe from applications not downloaded directly from the App store. If an app is downloaded from the internet or directly from a developer, i.e. the Wacom Driver, the OS continues to protect the Mac. These added protections require additional security settings to be adjusted. The settings will need to be adjusted to allow the app access to certain parts of the OS. Until these settings are accepted, the tablet functions such as the Pen and touch input may not work correctly. 

Installing the Driver

  • Download the current Driver - WacomTablet 6.3.40
  • Note when opening the file you may receive the following error. This is part of the security settings on macOS. Click "OK" on the error message then right-click on the downloaded file and select "Open".
  • Once the driver is installed, connect your device to the computer.
    • If prompted for permission during the installation process, choose to allow.

Security and Privacy Permissions

Please follow these steps if your pen touch is not working correctly.

  • Go to the Apple menu, open System Preferences, and select Security & Privacy.
  • Go to the Privacy tab, select Accessibility, and make sure to click the lock at the bottom of the window to make changes.  You will be asked to input your password.
  • Select Accessibility from the left pane, and make sure the check-box is selected for 'com.wacom.IOManager'.
  • If you have had to select this box, you must reboot your computer after this step.

Once rebooted, check the Security & Privacy preferences again but select Input Monitoring.  If the WacomTabletDriver and EacomTouchDriver are not listed, you must add them manually.  Please follow these steps to add them to this window.

  • Leave the Security & Privacy menu open and click on the desktop.
  • Press Command+Shift+G, this will open a search box.
  • Copy and paste: /Applications/Wacom Tablet/.Tablet then press Go.
  • Now drag and drop the WacomTabletDriver and WacomTouchDriver from this folder on to the list under Input Monitoring in the Security & Privacy section.
  • Close the Preferences and restart the computer.

Upon reboot, make sure all items for Wacom are enabled in the Security & Privacy preferences.  The tablet should function properly upon this reboot.