1.  Export the Quiz from Canvas Follow these instructions from the Canvas Guides: Export Quiz content

2.  Export Tips:  Although Canvas will let you export all of your Quizzes at once, you must export only one at a time for the conversion to work.  Export the quizzes into a local folder on your computer that is easily found.  Keep track of the Quizzes and the order in which you export them, so you can identify them later.  The files will end up with the name of your course and a .zip extension.

3.  Open Respondus to start the import of the quiz file.  If you do not have Respondus loaded on your computer, please fill out this form to Request Respondus.  On the Start tab, select "IMS QTI" for the Current Personality. Click the Import Questions button.


4.  The type of file being imported is a QTI file. Click the Browse button for File name and locate the folder where the Quiz exports are stored. You will need to change the file name extension options to look for "Zipped IMS QTI package" - this will not be the default. When you see your exported files, select the one you want to import and click Open.


5.  Type in the name you would like for the Quiz being imported. If you kept a cross-reference of the original Quiz exports, you can type in the corresponding Canvas name here. Other options may be left a default value.

6.  Click the Preview button to run the process and check for errors. Your questions will display in the Preview area.

7.  If you are happy with the Preview, go ahead and click Finish to complete the process and create the Quiz in Respondus.


You will end up on the Edit tab in Respondus, where you will see your questions listed on the bottom of the screen. It is not necessary to make any changes or updates on this screen.

8.  Export to Word - Click on the Preview & Publish tab. Choose Print Options from the left navigation menu. This is the screen where you will set your options for the Word export. In the 'Select Format section', select the radial button of the option you would like to reside in the output file.

If you don't want the correct answer for each question indicated in the Word document, choose Exam.  If you do wish to have the correct answers indicated, choose Exam with Answer Key (this will be the example used for these instructions).  Click the Settings button for the selected format.


 9.   What you select on the Printing Options screen will vary depending on your needs. You can quickly test options and re-set them as needed to see the results. Note there are two tabs - one for question options and one for formatting options. In this example, all options are left at default values. When options are set, click OK.


If desired, set Header and Randomize options. These areas are primarily used to produce a printed test to be distributed manually to students, and for export purposes are not necessary.

Click the Save to File button. Locate a place to save the Word document being created, such as the same location as the Canvas file exports - the folder that was created on the Desktop. Type in a file name - for example, the name of the original quiz from Canvas. For Save as Type, the default option is Word; however you may also save as rtf or txt files. When options have been set, click Save.

You will receive a message when the file has been created and is available to open in Word.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services