Blackboard Collaborate videos will not copy when exporting your course from Blackboard to Canvas.  These videos will have to be manually downloaded and stored from your Blackboard course.  

To download these videos, navigate to your Blackboard course and access Collaborate Ultra.  

  • Select the sandwich menu in the upper left course of this tool and click Recordings.  
  • To list all recorded videos, change the 'Filter by' to 'Recording In A Range'.  
  • Select a date range that will encompass all of your videos in the upper left hand course of this screen.  
  • All of your recorded videos will list here.  
  • Download each video by selecting the 3 dot menu on the right and click Download.  

Once downloaded, we suggest using Google Drive or YouTube to store these videos.  Please review this article Using YouTube to Store/Access Course Videos for help storing these videos.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services