1). Access via your browser one of the MFA enabled applications:   Presently Workday (for Faculty, Staff, and Student workers),  Canvas (Faculty, Staff), Zoom are enabled. 


On January 4th, 2021 the MFA applications will be expanded to include Office 365 and Canvas for all users.  You may pick any of these from which to begin your MFA setup.

For our setup example, we will use Office 365

2). Navigate to http://mail.findlay.edu  in your browser

3). Log in with your UFnet username and password



4). After successfully entering your password, the application will prompt you that it requires additional authentication and requires setup for security verification.   This is where your second factor for authentication is configured for  MFA

5).  The dropdown is where you choose your additional factor.   It is pre-filled with Mobile App which is the easiest and preferred method to authenticate for MFA.    You may also choose:

  •  phone call (i.e. desk phone, or any phone)
  •  text messaging with a 6-digit verification code

            Mobile App is the University of Findlay recommended additional factor to use for MFA.

6).  Complete steps 1 thru 3 on this page.    You can download the Microsoft Authenticator application on a smart phone.


  • Step 3
    •  Scan the QR code on your computer screen.   This will activate your account for MFA.  If you have difficulty scanning the QR code, you can enter the code and URL displayed on your monitor manually into the mobile app by clicking on ENTER CODE MANUALLY.


7). After completing steps 1 thru 3 above and receiving the successful activation, you may now attempt to complete the authentication with the Microsoft Authenticator app

  • Click on Authenticate me now
  • The Microsoft Authenticator app will display the following message:

8). Select Approve.   You will now be taken to the application you selected for login and authentication.  In our setup example that application is Office 365, shown here:

9). In the future, when you next attempt to log into Office 365, Canvas, Zoom or Workday, you will be prompted for required additional authentication after entering your UFnet username and password.   

10). Select the Send notification to my mobile app option. 

This will cause the Approve sign-in? notification to appear on your phone.

11). You can just click Approve and the app will then log you in.

You will now be taken to the application you selected for login and authentication.