Blackboard allows you to send automated reminders to students that have not attempted a graded item in your course.  

To send a reminder to students:

  1. In the Full Grade Center,  click the drop-down menu icon next to the assignment you wish to send a reminder for.
  2. Click Send Remind option.

After selecting Send Reminder you will be presented a dialog box asking you to confirm sending this reminder to students.  This box will display how many students it will be sent to.  Click OK to send the reminder.

This is a sample of what will be sent to the students as the reminder:

You currently don't have a grade or submission for the following coursework: Title: English 106 Paper Course: Guest_course (Guest_course) Course ID: Guest_course Due date: Mar 30, 2018, Please log in to review the instructions for this coursework and check the calendar for all due dates.

If you have any questions or issues, contact Technology Support Services