Video tutorial for Mac File Stream setup

1. Disconnect your Google Drive

    - Select Google Drive Icon in top menu bar

    - Select Settings (3 dots)

    - Select Preferences

    - Select Account tab

    - Disconnect Account

    - Disconnect

    - OK

2. Select Google Drive Icon again

3. Select Settings (3 dots)

4. Select Quit Google Drive

5. Open your browser (prefer google chrome)

6. Enter 

7. Select Download link in upper right hand corner

8. Under Business, select Get Started

9. Under #3, Select the Mac drop down menu

10.  Select Download Now

11. Once downloaded, select downloaded file and close out of browser

12.  Double click on File Stream package

13. Click continue, and install

14. Enter your mac password

15. Install

16. Once install is complete, close out

17. Select Go in top menu bar

18. Select Applications

19. Select Google Drive File Stream

20. Enter your UF email address


21. Enter your UFnet username and password

22. Uninstall Google Drive

    - Select Go on top menu

    - Select Applications

    - Drag Google Drive to Trash

    - Enter your password