Video tutorial of File Stream setup for Windows

1. Disconnect your current account

    Google Drive

        - Select Google Drive icon in bottom right corner

        - Go to settings in the top right (three dots)

        - Select Preferences

        - Select Account tab

        - Disconnect Account

        - Disconnect


    Backup and Sync

        - Left click on Backup and sync icon in the bottom right corner

        - Select Settings (3 dots)

        - Select Preferences

        - Select Settings in the left column

        - Disconnect Account

        - Select Disconnect

2. Click on Start Menu in lower left corner and type Add or remove programs 

3. Select Backup and Sync or Google Drive and click Uninstall

4. Click on Start Menu in lower left corner and type File Explorer

5. Right-click on This PC

6. Select Open in New Window

7. Select Windows (C:)

8. Select Users

9. Select your user profile (UFnet account)

10. Select Google Drive

11. In other File Explorer window, Windows(C:) > Users > Your User Profile

12. In first File Explorer window, select your 6 main folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos)

13. Move these folders into your user profile in other open File Explorer Window, then close out of the Google Drive folder

14. Delete Google Drive Folder from user profile

15. Download File Stream
        Fac/Staff File Stream download:

        Student File Stream download:

16. Sign into File Stream

        -Click on Start Menu in lower left corner and type Drive File Stream

        -login with UFnet email

        -enter UFnet username and password

17. To view Google File Stream, open File Explorer

        - File Stream will be in a separate drive labeled "Google Drive File Stream

        - open and select My Drive