The new mobile-friendly theme does require a few other changes that you will notice.  The My UF Online has been trimmed down and re-organized to help fit modules to the page for a more consistent experience between a browser and mobile devices.

Question and Answers

Can I change the color of my Blackboard course menu?

The new mobile-responsive theme does not allow to customize colors for course menus, for consistency of the experience between Blackboard in the browser compared with using the Blackboard mobile app.  

Are buttons no longer an option for my Blackboard course menu?

For a consistent student experience between Blackboard in the browser and the Bb Student mobile app, course menu items can no longer be changed from text links to buttons.

Can I still add a banner to my Blackboard course?

Yes, you can still add a banner to the entry page of your course as before.

I'm having trouble with re-ordering my Menu Items or Course Content.  What is another way I may reorder my material?

Both the Course Menu and Content Areas include simple button controls for reordering items, which can be used instead of the drag-and-drop method. They can be found by clicking on the up and down arrow icon, either above the Course Menu, or on the right-hand side of the bar containing the standard Content Area controls (such as the "Build Content" button) as seen in the screenshot below. From the panel that pops up, select the item you wish to move, then click on the small up or down arrow buttons to move the item to the desired place in the list. When done, click the Submit button.

If there are further questions or concerns, please let us know by contacting ATS or sending an email to