As a student, you may view all of your assignments/test/quiz grades within the My Grades tool in your Blackboard course. Normally, this link can be found on the left content menu within any course.  

If it is not available, you may find this under the Tools section as well. Once navigated to My Grades, there are four tabs across the top called All, Graded, Upcoming, and Submitted.  

These are views for your graded material in the course. With "All" selected, you will see every assessment in the course that are submitted, graded, and upcoming. If you wish to view your submission or grade, click on the item name.  Once selected, you will be presented with the Assessment Details which include the Calculated Grade. If you wish to view the contents of this assessment, select the grade score to the right.

Depending on what your instructor has set to be viewed, by clicking this, it will display a more detailed grade of the assessment. Note that this is the only way to view information about your submitted assignments once the assessment is past its availability view date.

If you have any questions or issues, please call 419-434-4357, or send an email to