Due to the security protocol set within Blackboard and the use of Single Sign-on, it’s possible to receive the following message:

You will receive this message if your Blackboard session times out or if you end your SSO session within Blackboard by logging out.

If you were logged into Blackboard but have closed that tab within your browser, your session is still active until the time-out period occurs. Once this period has passed, it will be required to authenticate again to Blackboard. In order to do so, exit your entire browser to authenticate again. If you continue to receive this message after exiting your browser, please clear the cache in the browser you are using and then attempt to authenticate again.

How to clear your cache on a Windows machine: Link

How to clear your cache on a Mac: Link

If you have any technical questions or concerns about this or other issues, please contact the Help Desk by calling at 419-434-4357 (xHELP), emailing helpdesk@findlay.edu, or by visiting us in Shafer Library at the Knowledge Bar.