This solution will show you how to allow a parent/guardian access to your personal information on MyFindlay. This information can be grades, finances, etc.

  1. Start by logging into MyFindlay and selecting the Access Portal Tab.*

  2. Select "Grant someone access to your student information" 

  3. Read the Student Disclosure and Release Information and then selected the checkbox and select Submit

  4. Select "Add new relationship" 

  5. Fill in the require information with the information of the parent/guardian

  6. After doing so, you will need to wait to receive an email saying that the parent/guardian's relationship has been created. This could take a few days or longer.**

  7. After the email has been received, you will need to re-complete steps 1-3. After going so, you will then be able to allow the parent/guardian access to certain parts of your account. 

  8. Select the red X in Portlet Group that you would like the parent/guardian to have access to using the chart above the relationships. 

  9. Type in the email address of the parent/guardian twice and then select Submit

*If you do not have the Access Tab list, you must be registered for classes for this to appear. If you are registered for classes and it is not there, call 419-434-4357.
**If you do not receive the confirmation email within one week, call 419-434-4357.