If you would like to export a test and save it as a Word Document, you are able to do this while using Respondus.  If you do not have Respondus installed, click on her for instructions to Install Respondus.  Once Respondus is installed, setup and running, please follow these directions to export a test.

  1. Click the 'Retrieval & Reports' tab.
  2. Click the 'Retrieve Questions' button.   

  3. Verify the server settings in the Wizard windows.  They should be set for the UF Blackboard server.  If none are set, select the Blackboard Server drop down menu and click add new server.
  4. Select the 2nd option and enter the server settings manually by following the on screen prompts.

  5. In the appropriate drop downs, select 1) The Course to retrieve the test from 2) Which test you would like to download 3) Name the file for the saved test.  Click Next when you are ready.

  6. At this time Respondus will connect to Blackboard and download the selected test to the file name specified.

  7. Click OK on the pop-up window.

  8. When the message Completed Successfully appears, click the Finish button.

  9. Goto the 'Start Tab' in Respondus and click the Open button.

  10. Select your file from Step 6 and click the Open button.

  11. Once opened, select the 'Preview & Publish' tab.

  12. On the left pane, select 'Print Options'.

  13. Select the options that you would like file to include then select the 'Save to File' button.  This will allow you to save it as a TXT or Word file.

If at any time you need help with this, please contact Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357, or send an email to helpdesk@findlay.edu.