What are Shortcuts?

A shortcut is a link to a program, website, file, folder, or anything else that is stored on your computer. A link allows you to easily access parts of your computer that are stored beneath multiple folders.

Using a shortcut is as simple as opening it up like any other file. Double clicking, right-clicking and click open, or control-clicking and pressing open will all activate the shortcut and open the object it leads to.

Creating a Shortcut

Creating a shortcut is also a simple process. However, it differs for both Mac and Windows operating systems.


1. Click on the start menu and enter the name of the program you wish to have a shortcut of into the search bar

2. Right click on program or file you want. From here, you can select either pin it to the start menu, the taskbar along the bottom of the screen, or open up the Send to Menu and send it to the desktop as a shortcut. To get the Send to Menu you may need to first click on "Open File Location"

3. Once the shortcut has been created, you can drag it around the screen to position it where you want. Desktop icon shortcuts have a small arrow in the corner to signify that they are shortcuts to another file.


1. Locate the program or file you wish to create a shortcut to. If it is a program in the Applications or Utilities folder, simply drag it anywhere on your desktop or dock to create the shortcut.

2. If the object you wish to create a shortcut to is not a program, the first step is to locate to where it is stored.

3. Next, hold down the control button and click on the file. Click on the Make Alias option.

4. This will create a shortcut to the file next to the original. You can now drag this alias onto your desktop or dock.

5. Mac shortcuts are also marked with a small arrow to signify that they are shortcuts to another file.